Educating for service in preparation for Buenafication Day


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Chad Pribyl | Contributing Writer

Buenafication Day is a day when Beaver spirit is steep and the camaraderie is at its highest among all those who connect to the university. This year, Buenafication Day takes place on April 30. It’s an annual tradition that lets students at Buena Vista University (BVU) use their “education for service”, which is the university’s motto. There will be volunteering activities held on campus and throughout the Storm Lake community. No classes will be held enabling students and faculty to impact the community.

In preparation for Buenafication Day, those who wish to volunteer are encouraged to register ahead of time at the university’s website. There are an enormous amount of activities one could choose from. The university is organizing to dedicate time to the community both indoors and outdoors.

Dr. Ashley Farmer-Hansen, Director of Civic Engagement, explains the process behind student organizations getting involved in this day of service.

“Some students take the lead in clubs or organizations. Those students have been working toward Buenafication Day since February. The Civic Engagement committee is mobilizing fifty plus groups to do specific services or look for specific placement. Coaches often urge their sports teams to take part in Buenafication Day. Alumni, offices, and development also volunteer to reach out as groups,” Farmer-Hansen said.

“Buenafication Day is a great day that BV has because it allows people that don’t go out of their way to change their schedule, but the university changes it so the students can experience volunteering,” Werden said, “Our motto is education for service; service is a priority this day versus academics. The university sets academics aside and prioritizes service over academics,” says Chase Werden, junior Buenafication Day committee member.

Much preparation goes into the day. Without the planning by student organizations, clubs, faculty offices, and others, the day would not be such a success. The event has become much more sophisticated since the earlier years in BVU’s history when it used to be referred to as “Hobo Days,” where students would dress in their most ill-worn garments to rake leaves and carouse around Storm Lake. Buenafication Day prepares the students to become effective professional planners.

Sports teams are also actively involved. Junior Connor Downs, a football player, and plans on working with the football team to volunteer.

“The football team volunteers around campus to help do whatever needs to be done and it really helps the team to bond together as a group by making a difference in the community,” Downs said.

Student M.O.V.E. (Mobilizing Outreach & Volunteer Efforts) is the student advisory board to the office of civic engagement and is highly involved with Buenafication Day.

Junior Sloane Morrow is a member of Student M.O.V.E. and is known around campus for her passion for service.

“Buenafication Day is the best day of the year,” Morrow said. “I love service and think that service and civic engagement are very important. It should be something that everyone should be involved in. All come together regardless of what organizations or sports teams we are on. We all come to together to make a difference.”

Buenafication Day is extremely important to BVU as an institution and to the surrounding community. Events are expected to begin at 9 a.m. at J. Leslie Rollins Stadium and continue throughout the day. Beaver pride will be brimming across the community as we practice our motto that is education for service.

Graphic by Krystal Schulte