Sports teams take on Buenafication Day


Shelby Bradley

Shelby Bradley | Sports Co-Editor

Wednesday, Apr. 29 marked Buena Vista University’s (BVU) 102nd annual Buenafication Day celebrations. This is a day where faculty, students, and members of the Storm Lake community come together and participate in various activities around town to give a helping hand to one another.

BVU sports teams each took a task in which they participated. The baseball took to the ball diamond where they cleaned up the dugouts and replaced screens there, as well as at the Lamberti Recreation Center.

The football team walked throughout ditches near the highway picking up trash and also cleaned chairs for BVU’s graduation ceremonies.

Men’s basketball and softball headed over to Alta, Iowa where they helped out at the Buena Vista County fairgrounds by taking down old fences.

“It’s nice to come out and give back to the community because they always support us through academics and athletics,” senior center Greg Sibenaller said.

The wrestling team went over to the Alta fire station where they helped in cleaning fire trucks. The volleyball and track and field teams participated by cleaning up Little Storm Lake, a local park. The women’s basketball team made posters for a kid’s basketball tournament.

“Buenafication day means we get to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and work hard to help people in the community clean up and work well with our teammates,” sophomore player Janice Timmerman said.

After all of the sports teams as well as many other organizations and students dedicated their time to volunteer during Buenafication day, Storm Lake and BVU became a stronger, more beautiful community.