Beyond BVU: Bottom of The World. (Or is it the top?)



Kyle Wiebers | Blogger

Ms. Bonnie Keller asked me an interesting question, “Do you consider yourself at the top or bottom of the world?”

This question made me think, and here’s what my thinking amounted to: Physically, I am so close to Antarctica I could practically spit to it. We’re in the part of the world where 85% of it is ocean. It’s beautiful and pristine. I’ve climbed a mountain, waded in the ocean, skipped rocks, ridden through the Beagle Channel in a ferry where I saw whales, and I’ve seen the most beautiful mountains. The weather is brisk, as one would expect being close to the arctic, but the people are warm in this small island town. The experiences I’ve had while in Chile, are sometimes unexplainable, but are always remarkable.

So Bonnie Keller, my answer is this, I am both on the top and the bottom of the world. Being on both the top and bottom of the world has changed my perspective, and even when I come back to the middle of the world, I will continue to live with the spirit of the bottom of the world in my soul, and the top of the world in my mind.

On a side note, tomorrow I will be tagging and marking birds. For those of you who don’t know, birds terrify me. So going forward, I challenge you all to tackle a fear you have, because life isn’t meant to be lived in fear. Come out of the dark and seize the day.

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