BV Breakfast Club with Kyle Wiebers



Jasmine Bautista | Contributing Writer

“Our world is on a negative trend with the news. My goal is to give people a positive start to their mornings.”– Kyle Wiebers

Making sure listeners start their day off on a positive note is what Kyle Wiebers wishes to accomplish with his 7:00am-9:00am radio show, BV Breakfast Club, on KBVU 97.5 the Edge.

Wiebers made sure to think about what it would take to have an every day show before committing. While planning over the summer he thought of ways to make his show reflect who he is, or in his words, “make it very Kyle Wiebers.” He does his best to inform listeners Monday through Friday about a variety of topics including national and community news, sports highlights, campus events, and daily weather.

“I always try to challenge my listeners to do something everyday,” said Wiebers. Not only does he challenge his listeners, but he challenges himself as well.

Wiebers decided to incorporate throwback Thursday to his daily radio show. To celebrate 125 years of BVU, he’s been reaching out to alumni KBVU DJs to interview. They talk about their experiences with the radio station, reminiscing BVU memories, and Wiebers receives feedback on his show.

One thing that motivates Wiebers to keep doing his radio show is the opportunity to do something different and to do something better then the day before. He believes unless you change and are not doing something different then the day before you will not improve.

“I believe we were put on this earth to be good people,” shared Wiebers.

Wiebers fills his show with positive vibes and energy, making sure to meet his goal of creating new challenges and trying new things for his listeners.

“My goal is to develop a great show, to help people start their day off with a positive perspective,” said Wiebers.

Wiebers enjoys getting up early every morning and having the studio to himself for 2 hours, to help his listeners keep up with the news and sports, but also to plays a variety of music. Music from the 80s, top hits, and Iowa’s best alternative hits.

When first arriving at BVU, Wiebers never imagined himself having a radio show. “I was going to do theater and major in Psychology, that was it.” Bruce Ellingson was the professor who nudged Wiebers into his first show and he has not looked back since.

“I enjoyed doing [the radio show] on Wednesdays as it is the middle of the week and everyone needs it. Then I thought, why couldn’t I do this every day?”

Photo by Morgan McGrew