BVU students make an escape


Morgan McGrew

Morgan McGrew | Arts & Life Co-editor

BVU’s central campus may have looked a tad bit different this past weekend. Last Thursday night, a mobile room escape made itself at home on central campus.

Housed in a 32-foot climate controlled trailer, the escape room featured a series of riddles, puzzles, obstacles, and challenges to be solved within 30 minutes. There were a total of 21 groups that participated, many being student leadership groups. The goal of each group? Survival.

Well, in a sense. The mobile room escape challenged each group of students to come together and solve the challenges at hand–an important aspect of student leadership groups.

Out of the 21 groups that participated, the University Cable Network (UCN) managed to take the crown for the fastest escape time. The team escaped the room with 7:30 left on the clock.

UCN station manager Chris Habermann felt their time at the mobile room escape strengthened their team.

“It made us come together and work on the different challenges, so I think we can use that in further productions for UCN,” said Habermann. “I think everybody kind of stepped forward at least one point during the challenges and had some sort of leadership role.”

Psychology Club president Kyle Wiebers witnessed similar results with his members.

“I don’t think one person would have been able to figure all of that out in 30 minutes,” said Wiebers. “The different perspectives that we all brought to it was another thing that was really cool.”

Student Activities Board (SAB) member Oscar Perez was in charge of the event. Perez noted that the mobile room escape was brought to campus based on responses received from SAB’s most recent end-of-year survey.

“One of the questions asked what else students would like to see brought to campus, and one of the big responses that we got was something new,” said Perez.

After discovering the mobile room escape at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) conference, SAB decided it would certainly be something new for students to experience.

The SAB executive board visits the NACA conference every year to scout out possible activities for the BVU campus.

Photo by Morgan McGrew