BVU progresses with active shooter safety procedures


Alyssa Donnelly, Assistant News Editor

On Monday November 28, an Ohio State University student drove his car into a crowd of students on campus and then proceeded to begin stabbing people. Attacks like this one have put colleges on alert, and Buena Vista University (BVU) security too has put in place safety procedures to prepare for possible incidents.

According to Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Campus Security, Mark Kirkholm, over the years Campus Security has hosted a “tabletop drill” to discuss possible emergency situations, and this year, BVU’s security department has held three active shooter training sessions for staff and faculty, including the Online, Site, and Graduate (OSG) locations. These trainings have focused on active shooter scenarios and what employees should to do in those situations.

Additionaly, Kirkholm says the Security Office has teamed up with BVU senior Skyler Gorsett who is creating an educational video about active shooter scenerios to teach students how to react in these situations.

Kirkholm looks forward to using the film to educate students.

“Information is power,” he said. “Once the students see this video, it will be extremely relevant and valuable information for the students to think about should this occur on our campus.”

Kirkholm also said that faculty and staff are encouraged to pay attention to student who might be showing signs of distress. Through BVU’s “Early Alert” system, faculty, students, and staff actually can submit an inquiry about a student who they suspect may be having problems

“The positive thing about coming to a small campus is people know when there are issues arising,” Kirkholm said.

BVU security has improved over the years with a text, email, and phone alerts, called BVU Alert as well. Those who are interested are always able to sign up for it, and even control the notifications. According to Kirkholm, BVU News will be testing the text alert within this next week. For those who don’t receive this text message, please notify Campus Security.

Kirkholm added, “If people are concerned, if they do have fears, if they are aware of somebody having issues, please say something. Let us know how we can help. That is a part of who we all are as a community.”

Kirkholm encourages anyone with questions or concerns to email him or stop by his office in Student Affairs.

Photo by Mackenzie Rappe