Ugly Backlash against “Kim’s Candle” Serves as Reminder to Love One’s Enemies

Olivia Wieseler, Assistant Opinion Editor

Almost everyone has heard of Kim Kardashian West, and just about everyone knows the kind of person she is.  But recently, Kardashian West has reached a new low, even for her.  On April 20, she released a new set of Kimojis.  One emoji, however, stood out among them all: an animated emoji depicting herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary that blurred in a psychedelic way in honor of “Weed Day.”  This image was not just an emoji, though; she was also selling candles with that image on them for $18 on her Kimoji website.

Kardashian West posted the images to her Twitter and Instagram social media and immediately received a huge backlash, and rightfully so.  Such images are extremely offensive to all Christians.  The Virgin Mary was the mother of our Savior, the Mother of God.  To put an image of Kardashian West’s own face as Mary is not only disrespectful, but quite paradoxical.  Her way of life is not even close to the greatness of Mary’s life and her role in the Christian faith.  Whether it was from a fan or hater, Christian or non-Christian, almost every comment on the situation was negative.

“This is so disrespectful and inappropriate in regards to religion. Disgusted.”

“Okay, I’m not [C]atholic or [C]hristian either but this is so disrespectful.”

“[T]his is extremely offensive to me and many other fellow [C]hristians…you have just lost a fan. so disappointed in you, [K]im.”

While I agree that this new money-making and attention-grabbing stunt was completely uncalled for and an extremely low blow to Christians, it is not the only part of the situation that has me disgusted.  Many of the comments on social media directed at Kardashian West regarding this new image are vile and hateful.  They used terrible language and called Kardashian West awful names.

“Didn’t her narcissist husband claim to be Jesus?  What a surprise that Kim KarTRASHian would be jealous of the queen of Heav[e]n!! She can never ever hold a candle to our mother [M]ary especially one with her ugly mug on it!!!!”

“Reaching a new low to make money.  Since she has no real talent decides to knock on Satan’s door for help.  Oh, get your suntan lotion Kim, the fires of hell burn bright and hot.”

“This piece of crap has respect for nothing!”

“Well if she wasn’t holding herself a place in hell before, she definitely is now.”

“That’s why this fake plastic-made silicone-injected ugly-faced cow has a messed up family and a messed up husband.  Burn in hell.”

Comments like these are all over social media, and they pain me.  What is worse, many of them came from Christians!  As a Catholic Christian, I was always taught to “turn the other cheek,” “love the least of these,” and “let those who haven’t sin cast the first stone.”  Yet, saying things like, “you’ve got to be kidding me Kardashian?  You and your family are gonna rot in hell,” is not showing love to our enemies.  I understand the pain and anger Kim Kardashian West has caused so many people because of this, but that does not mean we should stoop to her level.  Calling her a “shameful witch,” “bitch,” or “c**t” is not going to help anything.  Instead of demanding to “burn her at the stake” we should be praying for the conversion of her soul.

We need to hate the sin, not the sinner.