BVU student charged with assault following incident with knife in White Hall


Madeleine McCormick , Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Storm Lake Police Department was dispatched to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center Monday night after an alleged assault occurred between Buena Vista University junior student Alissa Good, 20, of Cedar Rapids, and a male BVU student. Good allegedly attacked the male student inside White Hall, threatening him with a knife, and physically assaulting him earlier that evening.

The victim told police that he owed Good money and Good confronted him about it, displaying threatening behavior and presenting a knife. Good then allegedly attacked the male student, hitting him several times in the head, and, according to the police report, “at one point threw the knife at the victim striking him in the leg.” According to student witnesses, other students then intervened and prevented Good from further assaulting the victim.

At the hospital, the victim reported that he was not injured in the assault, but rather went to the emergency room for examination because of a pre-existing condition.

SLPD, assisted by BVU Campus Security, found Good outside of Grand Hall, and took her into custody without incident. Campus Security officials then found the knife used in the alleged assault in the White Hall third-floor men’s restroom and turned it over to police.

Police charged Good with Going Armed With Intent (class D felony), 2 counts of Assault While Displaying a Dangerous Weapon (aggravated misdemeanor), Assault, and Disorderly Conduct (both simple misdemeanors). Good was booked into the Buena Vista County Jail on a $5000 bond.

Campus Security assisted the SLPD in the investigation. The police report also noted, “All defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty.”

On Wednesday morning, BVU Campus Security sent a “Campus Security Update” via email to the BVU community clarifying the incident. It read:

“An incident occurred on campus Monday evening regarding an altercation between two students. The Storm Lake Police Department issued a press release as part of their normal process. Unfortunately, some media outlets sensationalized what occurred and framed the incident as a stabbing. This is not accurate. The object thrown at the individual was a kitchen utensil. It bounced off of a pant leg and there was no physical injury. If this would have been a significant weapons issue or a stabbing it would have been immediately communicated to the campus community. We take the safely of our students, staff and faculty seriously.”