Where Should I Study?


Kyle Wiebers, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, echoes of Bing Crosby singing about his desire for snow on Christmas fill our ears, and everyone is stressed. It is indeed Finals time here at BVU. With papers, projects, and tests (oh my) lining up, will there be enough time to get it all done? And where will you get it all done? 

While I can’t promise you enough time to get everything done, I can help you to figure out where you can get everything done before the end of the semester. As students, we’re repeatedly told not to study in our dorm room. Your dorm room is the place for you to sleep and relax, so it makes sense that studying and stressing out are things not to do in your dorm room. This is a guide to help you best decide where you should study as you prepare for finals by examining the important elements for a successful study session in various academic buildings across campus. 

There are 3 things I evaluated on a scale of 1-5 stars in each of the buildings. 1. Study Space/Comfort of the Furniture, 2. Access to snacks, and 3. Available technology. 


Smith Hall 

Located just North of the residence halls of Pierce and White, this academic building that holds education and exercise science classes, is often over looked as a place for non-majors to study.   

There are several classrooms in Smith that students can use to spread out and study, along with ample whiteboard space as well. There are also chairs and couches as well as designated study rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building.  

Study Space: 5/5 stars  

There are no vending machines inside of Smith, while The Underground is a part of Smith, there isn’t always snacks available for students. If you’re studying in Smith, you better be prepared to bring your own snacks. 

Access to Snacks: 0/5 stars 

Smith has several iMac computers which are available for students to use to work on projects any time of the day. 

Available Technology: 3/5 stars 


The Social Science and Art Building (SSA) 

Located directly across the street from Smith, the SSA is home to several different majors and minors across campus, the SSA is also one of the newer buildings on campus. 

While the number of classrooms are limited in SSA, the lounges in SSA are numerous, and the furniture is comfortable in these lounges to allow for maximized studying. 

Study Space: 4/5 stars 

With a vending machine for snacks and a vending machine for drinks, the SSA hooks you up with your late-night snack cravings. 

Access to Snacks: 5/5 

Aside from the iMacs that are available for the Graphic Design students, there is no technology open for students to use in this building. 

Available Technology: 0/5 



This building houses KBVU, BVTV, and The Tack, as well as the Digital Media Department and the Music Production Major.  

With a radio station, a TV station and a newspaper housed in this building, there isn’t as many classrooms as a building like Smith, but there still is plenty of space to be able to get some serious studying in. 

Study Space: 4/5 

One vending machine in the back of the building will provide students with an often-needed late night caffeine rush, but no snacks to munch on. 

Access to Snacks: 2/5 

With 12 iMacs equipped with the Adobe suite and ready for students to use, the technology in Lage is unparalleled to anywhere else on campus. 

Available Technology: 5/5 


Science Center 

Computer Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and other majors visit this building every day, to explore the world of science. The newest building on campus is a great place for students to study. 

With a variety of study rooms, classrooms with lots of white board space, and comfortable lounge areas, this building is a go to place for studying. 

Study Space:  5/5 stars 

With one soda vending machine in a second-floor study room, this building might leave you hungry, but the amount of study space easily makes up for this. 

Access to Snacks: 1/5 stars 

While there is some incredible technology in the Science Center, you have to have some knowledge, before you can actually use it. It is better that you just take your own laptop to get your studying done here. 

Available Technology: 1/5 


Dixon Eilers (DE) 

This building, attached to the Forum, provides students with a study space on the edge of campus.  

With numerous rooms on the second floor of this building, there is plenty of room and comfortable chairs in the rooms, DE is a great place to get ready for finals. 

Study Space: 4/5 

With a handful of vending machines in this building for both snacks and drinks, you won’t go hungry or thirsty while studying in here. 

Access to Snacks: 5/5 

Aside from the projectors in the rooms, you better plan on bringing your own technology to get ready for finals. 

Available Technology: 1/5 

I hope your finals week goes well and that you can find a place to study and be successful as the semester wraps up!