A Letter From BVU Student Body President, Maldonado: It’s Time To Speak Up


Alan Maldonado, Contributing Writer

Dear Student Body,

It is my distinct privilege and pleasure to be able to represent you all next year. I want to thank all of those who voted for me and put their trust in my abilities to serve our community. I am excited to get started and start building towards our future goals. My campaign and my platform from the start were geared toward the representation of every single individual with the slogans “Be Bold” and “Forward Together.” It is important to recognize that we all should serve a greater purpose during our time at BVU. We are all unique and have different passions that drive us but once again, I challenge that next year we think more as a single organism, and not as a single unit.

The next academic year will be considered the renovation year. Not only are we renovating our school, but we are also renovating the way we think, act, and achieve progress when growth has long been absent. Through the implementation of new programs, such as the Homestay Program currently being developed, we can help properly welcome out-of-state and international students to our community. The new programs will seek to give more Beaverbucks to students, as well as making them more flexible. One big issue that I hope we can improve upon for next year is the founding of a new communication system among school administrators and student leaders. It is a difficult issue to solve, but we need to start working on an improved way to communicate not only school events, but also any vital information that the student body needs to be aware of. The school needs a new breath of fresh air, and we are getting that through programs that require more inclusivity, hold each other more accountable, and most importantly, celebrates our diversity as a school.

Although we can categorize next year as the renovation year, we can also call it the year of reimplementation. I plan to bring back some old programs that bolstered student participation and helped create a fantastic atmosphere of spirit. Some programs will get relooked at closely such as ACES events, athletic events, arts and performance funding, as well as the reintroduction of over 21 events. Some programs may not be able to be reintroduced, but a variation of it can and should be able to be achieved. It is important to acknowledge the traditions that made BVU a great school, and next year we can help solidify those for years to come.

My biggest hope for next year is to be able to serve you all in a matter that is more visible. In other words, I hope to bring Student Senate to a position where we are more physically visible in your everyday activities. It is imperative that you also represent us. As your representatives, allow us to carry your voices further. However, in order for this to happen, you need to speak up. No more complaining about issues, concerns or conflicts in the school in solitude. Now is the time to speak up and bring your issues forward. Student Senate was made, founded and established on the idea of accurate, truthful, and sincere representations of all of us.

As we look forward to next year, I plan to reshape the way we look at BVU. We are all here for a reason, to get an education. Why not make the trip fun on the way to the destination? Let’s come together in an effort to demand what we want to be changed. Student Senate is yours next year, and all it takes is for each of us to demand more from one another and ourselves. Be more than yourself. Be bold, and let’s look forward, together.


Alan Maldonado