Who’s Who in BVU Sports:  Stefan Collins  


Ella Wiebusch, Sports Editor

Stefan Collins is one of the most passionate sports fans you will ever meet. If he watches a Cowboys game and things don’t go his way, he’ll turn into Mike Ditka. Other than that, he’s pretty easy to get along with. 

Collins, a second-semester freshman business major, will play wide receiver for the Buena Vista University football team next fall. 

Oh, and he’s also from Manchester, England. 

So how did he end up on a football team in Storm Lake, Iowa? 

Collins first became interested in football when he was about 7-years-old and started watching the NFL on Sunday night with his dad.  

“One summer when I was 10, I attended a summer camp at a local college and played flag football for the first time,” said Collins. “I learned about a local team that I could join and began my football journey from there.” 

The person who has had the greatest influence in Collins’ life is his father, who is the reason he has such an interest in sports.  

“My dad was the first person to introduce me to the sport and to teach me how to throw and catch a football. Without him, I doubt I ever would have started playing football, and I definitely wouldn’t be at BVU,” said Collins.  

And before his four years at BVU come to a close, Collins has big goals for himself. 

“I have always wanted to play football professionally somewhere in Europe, hopefully in Germany for a few years after I graduate,” said Collins. “When the time comes to hang up the cleats, I’d love to go back to England and coach a college team and share the knowledge that I have developed over the years, along with two of my high school friends with the same idea.” 

Collins ended up at BVU because the coach of his high school team, Bristol Pride, knows Head Coach Grant Mollring. His coach sent some football highlights over, and Mollring liked what he saw.  

“Stefan is a very good kid and we are excited to keep a great relationship with his club program back home, and hope to add more players as the years go by from the Bristol Pride,” said Mollring. 

When his flight landed in Omaha, Collins was welcomed with snow and ice, more than he had ever seen in his life.  

 “It must have been a bad snow storm because I wasn’t able to get to Storm Lake until the following morning,” said Collins. “My first impression of Iowa was how spread out the towns were, and how small they were compared to the area I am from. When I arrived at BV I thought it was a very nice campus and the people were friendly.” 

Collins is glad he came to BVU, because it’s a small college.  

“It is easy to build friendships here, especially with my teammates, who were all very friendly and happily welcomed me onto the team this semester,” reflected Collins. 

Collins wasn’t here last season, but is enjoying spring training and is looking forward to his first season as a Beaver.  

Mollring belives Collins is a great athlete and teammate. 

“Stefan understands that he has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time as a football player for us. He is humble but willing to ask questions of his teammates,” Mollring said. 

Even though he hasn’t gotten to play a game as a Beaver, Collins is ready to go. 

“After waking up at five every weekday morning for almost two months and being told to ‘Willingly give max effort’ and that ‘If something is important to you then you will find a way,’ I feel as though I have grown both as an athlete and a person,” said Collins. “I constantly feel as though I need to do everything I can, in the classroom, on the field, in the weight room and in everyday life to meet these standards.” 

 Mollring agrees that he has certainly grown as both an athlete and a person since arriving.  

“Stefan is a quick learner who wants to be challenged,” he said. “He has related well to the guys on the team and has made a good transition. He has made improvements with his athleticism off of the field in his time here working with Coach Ryder, and will continue to get better as the months and years go on.”