Why Should I Travel While at BVU? 


Isabel Haas , Opinion Editor

As someone who has experienced first-hand the advantages of traveling abroad as a student at Buena Vista University, I can confirm that travelling to another part of the world is a life-changing experience.  

I had the privilege of going on an Interim trip last January to six different countries around Europe. The trip lasted for about three weeks, and I had the time of my life. Not only did I get to experience new cultures and see sights I had only dreamed of seeing, but I also made lifelong friends.  

While in Europe, I was able to climb the Eiffel tower, stand on top of the Notre-Dame, receive a tour of Dachau, stand 20 feet away from Stonehenge, see a Broadway Show in London, and so much more. From this trip, I was able to experience the different languages and cultures of the people around me and being exposed to so much history and art has left an impression on my heart. Not only were these places amazing to visit and see, I was able to do so with an amazing group of people. Within the small confines of airplanes, trains, and packed European cities, I was able to make friends that made the experience of traveling ten times better! I have friendships and connections with these individuals that will last forever, and I am so grateful for having taken the plunge and traveled abroad. 

Although these trips can be costly, there are multiple avenues BVU students can pursue that will offer financial aid to pay for these travel opportunities. I personally have taken advantage of these opportunities and was able to pay for my interim trip. Applying and receiving Value-Added Funding is the main source of financial aid that students have taken advantage of to pay for travel. Along with scholarships, students are also able to take out loans or take up a part-time job during the Fall semester to save up for the expenses.  

Looking back on my time in Europe, I wouldn’t change anything. The opportunity to see the world with my fellow BVU students was such a blessing, that I look forward to future travel opportunities. I would recommend traveling abroad to anyone who has the opportunity to do so. I gained so many life experiences that only visiting another country and interacting with different cultures could offer me. BVU has many such unique opportunities for students to travel, and they should be taken advantage of.  

I am so incredibly blessed for the travel experience, and I was so positively impacted by my time abroad that I have decided to travel again. I look forward to the sites I will see, the memories I will make, and the friendships I will form from traveling abroad while at BVU. 

The amount of travel opportunities available to students at BVU is immense, and the scholarships awarded to these students, makes these dreams of traveling around the world possible.