With No Cash Bar, the Winter Ball Might Lose Out to Malarky’s

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With No Cash Bar, the Winter Ball Might Lose Out to Malarky’s

Emily Kenny, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Every year the university hosts a Christmas Dinner where students get to dress up and have a nice meal that is served to them by faculty and staff. The choir usually performs Christmas music, and students get the opportunity to take a photo with Buford T. Beaver. 

This year, Student Senate is hosting the Winter Ball for the first time in over ten years. The ball will follow the Christmas dinner on Dec. 6 in the forum foyer. There will be a live DJ and refreshments as well.  

Originally, Student Senate planned to have a cash bar at the event. Their plan would have allowed students who are over 21 to purchase alcohol similarly to how students were able to purchase alcohol at the Johnny Holmes’ concert on Homecoming weekend. However, their proposal for the idea was declined.  

It came to light that student organizations are not allowed to purchase alcohol with their allocated money from Student Senate. Student organizations are not allowed to purchase alcohol even through Sodexo.  

Alan Maldonado, Student Senate president, shares his opinion on this policy.  

“It’s just difficult with the new restaurant that will allow students to drink alcohol. I think that if we were able to have more guidelines such as the amount of alcohol students can have rather than an absolute no, that would be better,” said Maldonado. “Students should have the option to have limited access [to alcohol].” 

With the renovation of the forum, there was an addition of a new restaurant that will serve alcohol to students who are over the age of 21. The restaurant will be open to students beginning next semester. 

However, Maldonado says the biggest reason there won’t be a cash bar at the Winter Ball is not because of the policy but because of the fact that the ball is on a Thursday, and we will be having classes the following day on Friday. 

“It would be allowing student to drink on a week night. The school does not want to be liable for students having any academic hinderances,” said Maldonado. “The timing was wrong, and I completely understand the safety precautions in order to keep students safe on a Thursday night.”  

This aligns with the university’s personal integrity section of the Student Code of Conduct which reads: 

“For the sake of their own self-respect and well-being, it is incumbent on all students to exercise temperance in the consumption of alcohol.  Only students who are twenty-one (21) years of age or older are permitted to possess or consume alcohol. Students will not be excused from responsibility for actions committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” 

Maldonado doesn’t see this policy affecting many student organizations right now but believes this policy for student organizations purchasing alcohol could change in the future due to the opening of the new restaurant.  

“It has never been asked why is this the way it is, it is just a norm,” said Maldonado. “I’m not saying all policies should be questioned but I think it’s healthy to ask why and be reminded actually of why we do things a certain way. With Crush dining opening, this may open the doors to allowing student organizations to purchase alcohol with strict guidelines.” 

Maldonado brings a unique perspective to things for our administration with the idea of allowing student organizations to purchase a limited amount of alcohol. I believe he and Student Senate have done a great job of listening to the concerns of students and voicing those concerns to administration.  

Myself being a student organization leader, I can see how being able to purchase alcohol for events such as this would be beneficial. In this case, I see why they chose not to offer the option for alcohol. However, I believe they could have allowed limited amounts of alcohol such as allowing student to purchase beer, or other malt beverages with lower alcohol content instead of a full cash bar with liquor. 

In my opinion, they may lose some student attendance at the Winter Ball due to the regular Thursday special at Malarky’s Pub, which is a bottom-less cup of draft beer for $7.00 and free games of pool.  

Regardless, I believe the Winter Ball is a great event for students to socialize and enjoy themselves before finals week. As a senior, the Christmas dinner has created some of my favorite memories as a student at BVU and the Winter Ball will do the same for current and future BVU students.