Best Fall Activities

Isabel Haas, Opinion Editor

The season of fall is upon us! Start the pumpkin carving, the apple cider drinking, and the apple picking! With the end of summer and the start of fall, there are a bunch of activities that are now seasonally appropriate to begin! 

  • Get lost in a corn maze. Not only is it perfect to navigate a corn maze because this is the time of year when corn grows the tallest, but we live in Iowa! Therefore, there are plenty of corn mazes that will challenge you and your navigation skills! My only tip is to avoid the corn mazes that involve scarecrows, because we all know how those horror movies end. 
  • Pick pumpkins. Again, it’s that time of the year when these vegetables are biggest and the best for picking. Plus, it’s an autumn activity classic! There are multiple places in Storm Lake that will start to sell pumpkins, and from pumpkin pies to dorm room decorations, there are many ways you can utilize your freshly picked pumpkins. You may even want to take a few home and carve some jack-o-lanterns for some fun Halloween decorations! 
  • Visit a haunted house. Although haunted houses don’t occur during the entire season of fall, it is still the time to take advantage of being willingly spooked! There are a few haunted houses that occur in the northwest region of Iowa, including right here at BVU, in Swope!  
  • Visit an apple orchard. There are a few places within driving distance where you are able to pick and take home your own apples. This is a perfect activity to do on a day with nice weather and when the leaves on trees are turning red and orange, so you can get that perfect photo op! Plus, you can make some caramel apples and apple cobbler with the fruit you picked!  
  • Check out the local festivals. Although this activity may take you out of northwest Iowa, it is something that you and your friends can make a day out of! From pumpkin festivals to Oktoberfest, there are plenty of things for everyone in your group to enjoy!  
  • Host a bonfire. Nothing says fall like the smell of a bonfire and marshmallows roasting in preparation for some s’mores! With the weather getting colder, a bonfire is the perfect evening activity to keep everyone outside and warm! You may even decide you want to exchange some ghost stories once the sun sets and Halloween gets closer.