College Hacks


Ella Wiebusch

Jadyn Andersen, Contributing Writer

Time for another blog, except this week I will be giving tip ideas for college students. This will be a very simple to read for those in college now or high school seniors, feel free to leave in the comments about what helped or ideas for what you’d like to hear about.  

  1. Take your notes in color 
  2. Keep air fresheners handy, keeps your room smelling fresh 
  3. Use a planner 
  4. Get a laundry bag with straps or wheels 
  5. Girls-keep dry shampoo and hats handy 
  6. Girls- get a hair turbie 
  7. Put a box fan in your window if you college doesn’t have AC during the winter  
  8. Shower shoes!!!
  9. Record lectures if you have trouble keeping up when taking notes- be sure to get permission of course! 
  10. Always keep your student ID handy and ask about student discounts 
  11. Label cords in your dorm room
  12. Buy a shoe organizer to hang on your closet 
  13. 3-4 pillows is ideal, you won’t want all the decorative pillows, they just take up space
  14. Keep a first aid kit handy
  15. Keep a mug handy and you can look up easy to make mug recipes. 

Hopefully these 15 tips can help you all out and you’re able to gained some tricks to make your college experience easier and stress free!