It’s the Little Things 

Lena Gripp, Assistant Opinion Editor

As college students, many of us wake up before the sun or work on homework until we see the sun.  We’re constantly tired. Sometimes, we need something special to look forward to.  Here at Buena Vista University, we look forward to several things, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Here are some things that we all look forward to that makes waking up for classes and getting our homework done worth it on a day-to-day basis. It’s the little things!


Special days in the serve 

Sodexo’s staff is always kind and willing to help, but let’s face it, some days are better than others when it comes to the serve. Options like chicken bacon ranch daymeatball day, chicken nugget day, and build-your-own pasta day are worth waiting for. 


The Christmas Dinner 

Every year, all of campus comes together to celebrate the holidays at the BVU Christmas Dinner.  We’re gifted ornaments and treated to a hearty meal served by BVU faculty and staff.  Often featured at the dinner are the BVU Choir to provide some entertainment, and the university is presented with an annual gift. The Christmas Dinner is a great opportunity to dress up and get your picture taken with your friends and with BVU’s mascot, Buford T. Beaver.


Buenafication Day 

Once every year, BVU students, faculty, and staff come together to engage in community service and lend a helping hand around Storm Lake. BVU organizations provide service projects to better the community. Students are also excited for Buenafication Day because there are no classes held, and don’t lie to yourself; many students also celebrate Buenafication Eve…


Reading days 

We didn’t get one last year, but those of us who have been at BVU for a few years remember the glorious occurrence of reading days. Each spring, we had a “reading day” where classes weren’t held, and we were encouraged to get caught back up on our schoolwork.  It wasn’t much, being only one day, but it was greatly appreciated for busy students. 


The campus-wide snow email 

We’re in Iowa. Snow is inevitable here. One of the most relieving feelings is waking up to the email stating that campus will be closed for the day due to an abundance of snow. The only feeling that’s even better than this, is receiving the email the night before, so you can account for a little extra sleeping time. The only thing worse is when we receive the email stating that BVU rarely closes campus, and only closes due to extensive circumstances. 


Class evaluations 

Towards the end of each semester, students receive a very important email. This is when students fill out class evaluations and get to have a say in their education and express their attitudes about their current classes and professors. It’s very important to fill out these class evals and take them seriously if you want improvements or changes to be made. 



This is fairly explanatory…  Whether you’re spending your weekends working, partying, or napping, everyone needs a good break from homework.


SAB Midnight Movies 

Once a month, BVU’s Student Activities Board, or SAB, offers a choice of three movies off campus at Fridley Theatres Vista 3 downtown in Storm Lake. These movies are free for all BVU students willing to show their student ID. Don’t forget to support your local theater and buy some snacks for the movie! 


SAB Bingo 

Another popular SAB event that students get pumped for is SAB bingo. Bingo takes place once a month and is held during supper time. Come on down to the Serve and take a chance with a lucky card. Maybe you’ll win a prize! Hopefully, you’ll get a bingo before you hear the announcer say, “Okay… clear your cards!” 


Surveys with prizes 

Once every blue moon, a department or office of BVU will send out an email to students asking them to participate in a survey. Students tend to be more willing to participate in surveys when they offer prizes as incentives, such as Amazon gift cards and BeaverBucks. 



Having people to vent to and help you with assignments that you might be struggling with or studying with can be make-or-break some semesters. It always helps when someone can relate to what you’re going through. Friends can make day-to-day life more manageable.