Vanilla vs. Chocolate: Protein Edition

Allyssa Ertz, Staff Writer

Chocolate gets all the hype. Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate Lindt truffles, chocolate covered oranges, chocolate covered just about anything can be found… but vanilla? Classic, traditional, versatile vanilla always gets left out. But why?

So, when it comes to vanilla protein powder, I get it. It may seem boring. But, why WOULDN’T you buy vanilla when it can literally be turned into any other flavor? Toss in a little cheesecake, white chocolate, pistachio, or butterscotch pudding mix in it, and poof! All new flavor. It works in oatmeal, protein shakes, protein brownies… just about anything you could cook up with your protein.

Okay, don’t believe me? Well, vanilla protein powder + cocoa powder. Two for one low price! You’d think I was selling the stuff, the way I’m so passionate about it. I currently have the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor of 1st Phorm’s Level 1 protein – and I have created Butterfinger protein shakes, strawberry banana smoothies, chocolate blueberry-covered protein waffles, my list could go on and on.

Vanilla mixes with way more – really any fruit, and even vegetables, can all go with vanilla. I’ve created a protein based dupe of the popular “Orange Julius” smoothie. That would be impossible with chocolate, given the delicious creamy orange dream this drink is based on.

You can even make vanilla protein powder into a sort of “icing” by mixing it with Greek yogurt. Granted, yes, this is possible with chocolate, too-but you don’t even have the vanilla option if you only buy chocolate protein powder.

Another recipe I love to make is french vanilla blended iced coffee. If you throw some vanilla protein, pre-prepped cold coffee, your choice milk, and ice together, it makes a healthier version of a frappuccino. Leave the ice out, and you can have regular protein iced coffee. Yes, you can add whatever your choice creamer is, too-caramel, white chocolate, or even chocolate. It only gives you more options to explore in having a base of vanilla!

All in all, vanilla is much more resourceful in the ways it can be used. I mean, chocolate is good.. But I don’t want it all the time. You can’t tell me you don’t like a little variety. Vanilla is going to taste way better with various veggies and fruits. If I want a caramel vanilla smoothie, I can’t do that with JUST chocolate. You can’t argue with me on this one.

“I like vanilla because one, it tastes better, and two, it tastes a lot better,” Clayton VanHorn, sophomore backs me up. Thanks, Clayton, we are the right ones in this argument! If you really need chocolate – ADD COCOA POWDER!

Though, chocolate did win in my Instagram mini survey… you all who voted- 62% chocolate vs 38% vanilla is unacceptable. You can still have your decadent deliciousness with vanilla as a foundation flavor….

I stand my ground – vanilla’s versatility beats regular old chocolate protein any day. You can still make your peanut butter chocolate protein shake with a little cocoa powder imagination, WHILE having all the beautiful other flavors at your fingertips.