The Anti-Bucket List: Allyssa Edition

Allyssa Ertz, Staff Writer

Lots of people talk about their Bucket List – the crazy things people want to do before they die. Yours might consist of skydiving, bungee jumping, traveling to Africa… the limits are endless. But, have you ever thought of what would be on your Anti-Bucket List? You know, the activities you’d never, EVER want to engage in? Here’s mine to give you some ideas!


1) Tattooing my face.

Post Malone may rock it – but I have no desire whatsoever to put a tattoo on my face. Even if I did – with my luck, the artist would screw it up. Also – I would never want to get someone’s name as a tattoo. We’ve all heard horror stories about that one.

2) Have surgery without sedation/pain reliever.

Does this one really need an explanation? Ow!

3) Have mind control as a superpower.

As a kid, I would always sit and pray to God to give me powers, but not this one. I was all for flying, super strength, and invisibility – but I would never want someone to not be who they really are.

4) Give up coffee/caffeine.

Anyone who knows me can vouch for this. Caffeinated Allyssa = productive/happy Allyssa.

5) Be on Fear Factor.

I always find those crazy shows like Fear Factor or Naked and Afraid super interesting and I would never ever want to be in a season. Lying in a tank of snakes? No, thanks. I’m perfectly happy sitting on my couch watching other people suffer! Now, if we’re talking about America’s Got Talent or The Voice, that’s a different story…

6) Be locked in a human-sized box, Joe Goldberg style.

If you’ve seen “You” on Netflix, you get my drift. A psycho killer locks you in a spooky glass box for his own good… in any case, this confinement terrifies me. Claustrophobia, anyone? 

7) Eat fried tarantula.

According to Google, fried spiders are a delicacy in Cambodia. Um, what? I can imagine the spider crawling back up my throat…… BLECH! Nope.

8) Let someone else control my life.

Yeah, most of these are meant humorously, but I would never want someone to stop me from being me. I want to choose my own future, goals, and life, and so should you!

Now that I’ve inspired you to think about your darkest, worst fears, feel free to leave your Anti-Bucket list ideas in the comments below. Happy Anti-Bucket listing!