The Impact & Influence of LeBron James


Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Javier Sarmiento, Staff Writer

Lebron is easily one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history.

He is a four-time NBA champion, four-time finals MVP, four-time NBA MVP, NBA Playoff Points Leader, and the list goes on.

LeBron James is such a powerful and inspirational figure in my life. I relate to the environment and the surroundings he dealt with as a kid. I live in low-income housing, and it is a daily battle. There is a lack of resources for people of color like me. LeBron grew up in poverty and dealt with many challenges. Growing up on public assistance in public housing is very difficult, something me and him both faced as kids. I have the utmost respect for LeBron because I have experienced what he has, growing up in low- income housing on food stamps just trying to survive another day.

LeBron recently opened a school for underprivileged, low-income kids in his hometown in Cleveland, Ohio. It is called the I Promise Academy. That was one of the most beautiful things you’ll see. Many people who are successful, don’t go back to their communities to contribute. Building a school for kids to learn and have fun is the best thing you could ask for. Some people criticized it, saying he didn’t have to make it public. But it doesn’t matter what others say or think, it was for the kids who don’t have the resources as others do. Kids who now have educational resources because of LeBron James and his generosity.

Others may try to degrade and disrespect him, but he is my role model. A person of color rising above poverty to success, influencing people’s lives. You don’t see that often. In mainstream media, African Americans are portrayed as lazy, dumb, hood rats, etc. Not to mention the injustices that plague the community as a whole, like mass incarceration, racism, etc. But, when a kid sees someone like them succeed, it makes them believe they can do it too. It makes the kid imagine becoming the next person to cure cancer, the next person to change the world for the better. It makes them believe. It gives them hope.

Appreciate LeBron James now. When he retires, you will be sad that you didn’t give him much credit when he was playing and making an impact.

LeBron James is a great ambassador for basketball and the world. He is an inspiration to me because of his struggles growing up without a father and with a single mother on public assistance.

A lot of people could relate to being on the poverty level and working your way up towards success. LeBron is not just a basketball player, he’s a leader. The most important thing in life is giving back and inspiring others to do the same. Lebron has surpassed that goal many times over.

To one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history: LeBron James.

My greatest inspiration and role model for life.


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