The Top Five Things to do in Order to get Through a Breakup

Savannah Davis

With cuffing season right around the corner, it is inevitable that people are going to begin to feel all of the love in the air. Once the cold temperatures hit, individuals that were once contently single before, all of a sudden go out and seek for the warmth that comes with a committed relationship. Although relationships during the holidays can feel wholesome and great, as soon as the warmer weather returns, breakups are common to happen. Sometimes terminating a romantic relationship hurts, but often it is for the best. Let’s talk about the top five things to do in order to get through a breakup.  


Validate how you feel 

It is normal and okay to not feel okay for an extended period of time when a relationship ends. Breakups can bring on a lot of emotional distress. Whether you are overwhelmed, anxious, or sad, it is important to validate how you are feeling. As human beings we are designed to have emotions and remembering that it’s in our nature to feel will be beneficial while getting over the person you are no longer with.  


Stop texting your ex 

As much as you know what you did wrong, the person you are no longer with knows what they also did wrong in this situation. As they should. Spontaneous text messages of missing each other and reflecting on how everything went wrong will not help you. Is it normal to have these discussions after the breakup? Absolutely, however once you reflect and discuss, it is time to move on after that.  


Spend time with people that care about you 

Although it can be good to spend some time with yourself after a breakup, isolating isn’t healthy to do for too long. Getting lunch with friends, watching movies with your family or even taking a small road trip with your best friend can help get your mind off of things. Making new positive memories with people that genuinely care about you can help you move forward with your life.  


Understand that you aren’t the same person  

The overall person that you are has not changed, but more so adapted. When breakups happen, we gain a new perspective on life. It can be a bit discomforting to realize that things don’t feel the same and that is totally normal and okay. Trying to understand the new version of ourselves can also be a bit uncomfortable. It’s almost like standing in front of a stranger that you know you want to know, but because you don’t you are hesitant of whether or not you welcome them into your arms. This is common and many people go through it.  


Take care of yourself  

Whenever you can, remember to shower, brush your teeth, eat something and drink water. Don’t forget to also watch one of your favorite shows, talk to your friends, and go to your favorite place to get smoothies or coffee. Maybe even consider starting a new hobby or working out. It’s important that we take care of our mental and physical health, even when a breakup has just happened. There is more life left to live and spending it in bed all alone is not always the best way to handle things. Lastly, remember that breakups take time to heal from, so allowing yourself time to grieve and grow is essential to feeling better.