How to Prepare for Finals  


Savannah Davis

Finals week can be one of the most, if not the most, stressful parts of the college experience. Whether you are an upperclassman taking them for the third time, or a freshman that has yet to experience what college finals are like. Final projects on top of presentations and exams can be overwhelming to wrap your head around during the final weeks of the semester. With these five tips, hopefully you can feel some weight lifted off of your shoulders.  


Tip One: Ask questions.  

Sometimes we forget or don’t recall getting enough information on certain topics or in different chapters. Going back through what you need to know for your final and checking which chapters need some guidance getting through is a good choice. The great thing about BVU is the professors here are so helpful and want to see you do your very best. So, reaching out to them to ask needed questions isn’t too hard of a task, and often can give you some relief.  


Tip Two: Pay close attention on review day.  

Review days are great because they often have vital information offered to the class in order to help everyone get a general idea of what is actually going to be on the exam. This information could include the format of the exam, important topics, and the overall key concepts that will be covered.  


Tip Three: Design your own study guide. 

Although many professors will provide you with a study guide to help you prepare for the final exam. It is good to set it up in a way that will help you best interpret the information that you need to know. Identifying the important information needed will bring you a long way with studying. Try using colors, patterns, or different forms of utilizing the study guide that will help you memorize information that is needed.  


Tip Four: Start studying early. 

Studying the night before a final exam can be beneficial, however if that is the only time you are studying beforehand it will not set you up for success. Setting time aside 1-2 weeks before final exam day will set you up for better success. Doing this will give you time to do all of the tips above and not feel unprepared before you take your finals.  


Tip Five: Take care of yourself. 

Academic are a major priority while attending college. However, your mental and physical health matter just as much. Remember to take reasonable study breaks, drink water, and to listen to your bodies needs. Your overall wellbeing will always matter, so make sure you take care of yourself.