America’s Pandemic: Gun Violence


Gun Violence Archive

Savannah Davis

According to the Gun Violence Archive, as of May 2021, the number of mass shootings across the U.S. have already reached 180. This data includes 493 deaths combined of children and teenagers. Young people that will never get the opportunity to graduate high school, attend college, or make a difference in this world. The reality of this is, that there is time for more mass shootings to occur, and by the end of the year there are concerns that numbers could be significantly higher than previous years before. Evidently, this is a problem in America and it’s time for us to better acknowledge that and do something about it.

Gun violence is a common issue that has been happening in the United States for a long time. According to 4WWL, “President Joe Biden last week announced a half- dozen executive actions to combat what he called an ‘epidemic and an international embarrassment’ of gun violence in America.”

Although gun violence is happening all over the United States, one particular city that often experiences this problem is Omaha, Nebraska. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 38 gun violence incidents reported in Omaha since the beginning of January 2021.

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