Harvest Preview 2021


Joshua Tigges

As the BVU Ag Experiment Station cements itself within the culture of the University, the first couple of weeks in the fall semester brings much anticipation. With harvest looming right around the corner, the changing of color across our landscape is a reminder of the opportunity’s students will soon take advantage of. Whether during class or on personal free time, the harvest season presents numerous hands-on opportunities for students to experience the most anticipated time of the agricultural year from a scientific or business perspective. BVU senior and Agriculture Business major Carmen Morrison along with Dr. Geoffrey Ecker, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, express their excitement and expectations for this upcoming crop in this multimedia photo story. While long hours may be creeping over the horizon, the memories made during this time of year yields cherished times and industry-leading experience, providing students with a competitive edge as they prepare for their future careers. Days may begin to shorten, but light will soon shed on the golden-brown fields across our area, and the Ag Experiment Station is ready and eager to begin the harvest season.