Gallery: Fall’s Transitional Beauty by Joshua Tigges

Joshua Tigges, Co-Editor of Multimedia and Photography

With October bringing uncharacteristically warm weather, a recent cold snap has yielded the vibrant fall colors everyone has been waiting for. The brisk breeze has sent leaves floating to the ground, acting like a blanket for the grass before the first snowfall. This past week, as the colors began to truly show, I could not help but relish in the beauty around campus. Being one of the most breathtaking falls in my recent memory, I decided to venture out with my trusty camera and attempt to freeze this moment of my life for all to enjoy. While leaves continue to depart from the source of their life, they provide a visual representation of the transition into yet another new season. This short 2–3-week period understandably becomes the favorite time of year for many, and I simply cannot get enough of what this year has brought.