Taking a Dip into Storm Lake: Smokin’ Hereford BBQ

Tyler Grames, Contributing Writer

There are times in a college student’s life where the parents come up to campus. Whether it is to help move in or move out, see a home sporting event at BVU, or simply to just visit their student. Regardless of the reason the parents have come up to visit, chances are that they will want to go out to eat somewhere and catch up. When picking an excellent restaurant, one should consider Smokin’ Hereford BBQ.

            Like the name suggests, Smokin’ Hereford BBQ provides various forms of BBQ food. These various foods include tacos, steaks, ribeye, sirloins, ribs, smoked pulled pork, smoked pulled chicken, briskets, burgers, various side dishes, and wraps. Of course, Smokin’ also provides free peanuts to their customers. However, they provide no jars or buckets to put the empty shells in. So, everyone litters them on the floor around the table.

            Smokin’ Hereford BBQ is also an excellent restaurant one can go to enjoy superior quality alcohol for those that are 21. Smokin’ is unique with their alcohol because they have the 64-ounce silo challenge. In this challenge, challengers must drink and finish a 64-ounce silo mason jar of beer. Once a challenger finishes one, they receive a punch card. Once a challenger receives 5 punches on their card, they receive a free silo t-shirt.

An important thing students and parents should also know is that Smokin’ can be terribly busy depending on the day. From my own experience, I have gone on a Friday night when my roommates’ parents came to visit for a home track meet. The place was packed, and we had to wait for about an hour and a half if not longer. It was still worth the wait, but one should be prepared for a long wait depending on the day they go.

            Overall, I would recommend Smokin’ Hereford BBQ for an excellent restaurant to enjoy with family and friends. However, one should know that the prices are a little expensive. This is especially true for aged meats like the sirloin and hamburger steak. A 26-ounce sirloin is $34.99 while a 16-ounce hamburger steak is $19.99. For the quality of the food, I do believe that these are fair prices because the food always tastes good it is worth the price. It is also worth the long wait students and parents may have to experience depending on the day.