BVU Ag Program Presents: Local Rodeo



Jaxon Van Pelt, Staff

A BVU-sponsored rodeo will take place next month, October 21-22 at the Buena Vista County Fairgrounds in Alta. The Buena Vista University Rodeo Team will be hosting the event and putting their talents on display along with 12 other college teams. 

The 12 teams will come from a range of states including Wisconsin and the Dakotas. There are expected to be 300 plus athletes there ready to compete and show their skills throughout the events. 

The events will include classic rodeo action including bull riding, calf tiedown, barrel racing, and bronc riding.  

BVU Director of Agriculture Rich Crow
Head Coach Marty Barnes

“The intent of the rodeo is to highlight the rodeo team here on campus and provide an opportunity to perform locally for local supporters and family,” says BVU Director of Agriculture Rich Crow. Most events are miles and miles from campus and this event will provide these student athletes to show their hard work in front of those supporting them. The team wants to put on a quality event for Buena Vista and aims to incorporate things they have seen at other events. It is the first home event for the team, and it brings a lot of excitement.

“The club is excited about it because it’s the first time that Buena Vista will be holding a collegiate rodeo,” explains Head Coach Marty Barnes. He also explains that the closest rodeo is in Fort Dodge this fall and at Iowa State in the spring.

The athletes have been hard at work, training themselves and their animals to be the best they can be, come late October through various drills. Barnes describes visualization and positivity as driving forces for success for his team.  Coach Barnes knows that the workload for the athletes will be heavier with preparations and school, but he sees this as a learning moment.


“It does heap things on them, but it just prepares them for life.”  

The excitement extends beyond the action at the rodeo as well. Administration is happy to use this as an opportunity to potentially grow the student base and students can get involved even if they are not into rodeo. Business majors or those interested can get experience in marketing and event planning.  

Barnes explains that his expectations for the rodeo include starting on time as well as getting through each event in a timely manner. He hopes that the students learn from the experience and that the spectators love the events as much as the participants. The goal is to put BV in a positive light for all visitors.  

The university is prepared for any injuries in the event. They aim to keep all participants and spectators safe with extensive designs to the space to ensure all action stays inside the ring. BVU trainers are open to all rodeo athletes and the event is well insured. 

The rodeo will go on no matter the weather conditions and spectators can buy tickets in advance online or at the gate. They will be cheaper online at All students get into the rodeo free with a student ID. There is little competition with other sports on campus the weekend of the rodeo and it’s sure to be a good time.