Student Athletes Patiently Await Siebens Fieldhouse Renovations


Carter Soyer, Staff

Depending upon the success of fundraising efforts, renovations on Siebens Fieldhouse may begin in the next twelve to sixteen months, according to President Brian Lenzmeier. The goal is to create more space, so teams don’t have to practice as late and so that other students can use the facilities as well.  

Some new additions to the fieldhouse could include the addition of a second gym, an indoor turf facility similar to the Lamberti Recreation Center, and another weight room for non-athletes to use.  

Regardless of whether you talk with university administrators, coaches, or student athletes, there is a long wish list for what those renovations might look like. 

Kayley Dresback, senior women’s basketball player, is hopeful, but also voiced her concerns. “I was told that when I came in as a freshman it would be done junior year,” she said. This may sound concerning, however, she acknowledged those plans belonged to a different president. 

Now she hopes to see changes made, most importantly adding to the locker rooms.  

There are a few issues with the locker rooms. Firstly, they are outdated, both in terms of size and aesthetics. Many student athletes would say they are insufficient.  Second, according to Dresback, most men’s sports teams have their own locker rooms while women’s sports are forced to share locker rooms. Additionally, some sports don’t have a locker room at all. 

Dresback added, “I don’t appreciate that as an athlete. Like, we should all have our own spaces.” 

The weight room is another major issue when discussing fieldhouse renovations. Director of Athletic Performance Shane Maier discussed his hopes for changes that could be made to the fieldhouse.

Maier said, “I would like double racks, meaning one athlete would be able to do a movement on one side, like a squat, and the other athlete on the other side could do like a bench or a clean or vice versa.” Currently, the weight room offers ten single racks for weightlifting, but if that is doubled it could ensure larger teams like football can work out together. But such a change would require a lot more space. 

Another hope Maier has is adding another weight room for non-student athletes. “The wish list for the fieldhouse would obviously involve an athlete-only weight room, as well as a student bodyweight room. So, we could have separate training facilities,” he said. 

Lenzmeier echoed Maier’s wish for separate workout spaces for student athletes and other BVU community users of the space. “I’d love to see us have another weight room which is for non-athletes that’s really focused on health of the staff, the faculty, the students. That way, athletics can have a devoted exercise space for them,” he said. 

While these possibilities are exciting, nothing is truly set in stone unless the funds are raised. That is part of the reason that nothing has been publicly announced yet. “You want to have probably at last half to three-quarters of the money raised before you announce everything and you show what you’re going to do,” Lenzmeier said.  

Lenzmeier added that a few pledges for the renovations have already been made. 

Even if more than enough funds are raised, these plans will still take some time to solidify. The public will have to patiently wait for these renovations to begin taking place.