Review: Morgan Wallen is Doing “One Thing at a Time”


Graphic designed by Jadyn Forbes.

Abby Kraft, Staff

Country artist Morgan Wallen just dropped a 36-song album titled “One Thing At A Time.The album starts with a song called “Born With A Beer In My Hand” and ends with a song called “Dying Man.” Wallen said in an interview with Spotify, “[I] started the album with “Born With A Beer In My Hand”… Whenever I wrote it, I kinda had that idea… being born is kinda like the album was being born in a way…. Starting it with being born and ending it with “Dying Man” just made a lot of sense.”  

Both songs discuss how he is trying to take responsibility for his past mistakes. In his previous album, he sang about breakups, and he seemed more angsty compared to this new album. He does sing a little bit about breakups in this song, but it seems more focused on the healing part. 

Track List: 

  1. Born With A Beer In My Hand 
  2. Last Night  
  3. Everything I Love 
  4. Man Made a Bar Ft. Eric Church 
  5. Devil Don’t Know 
  6. One Thing At A Time 
  7. ’98 Braves 
  8. Ain’t That Some 
  9. I Wrote The Book 
  10. Tennessee Numbers 
  11. Hope That’s True 
  12. Whiskey Friends 
  13. Sunrise 
  14. Keith Whitley 
  15. In The Bible Ft. HARDY 
  16. You Proof 
  17. Thought You Should Know 
  18. F150-50 
  19. Neon Star 
  20. I Deserve A Drink  
  21. Wine Into Water 
  22. Me + All Your Reasons 
  23. Tennessee Fan 
  24. Money On Me 
  25. Thinkin’ Bout Me 
  26. Single Than She Was 
  27. Days That End In Why 
  28. Last Drive Down Main 
  29. Me To Me 
  30. Don’t Think Jesus 
  31. 180 (Lifestyle) 
  32. Had It 
  33. Cowgirls Ft. ERNEST 
  34. Good Girl Gone Missin’ 
  35. Outlook 
  36. Dying Man 

Wallen also seems to be reconnecting with his religion, as in some of his songs, he talks about God. In the song “I Wrote The Book,” Wallen discusses his reconnection with the Bible. “Cause I was never too good at pickin’ up the one that lays by the lamp on the nightstand,” Wallen sings. These lyrics are about how a girl left him because he was not following his religion closely. 

Also, in the song “In The Bible,he sings, “Lord knows I’d be one hell of a disciple. If bein’ country was in the Bible,” as he feels closest to God when he is doing country things like driving backroads and being out by the river.  

Most of this album is pop-country, but it also has a few slower pop-country songs that are different from what we are used to hearing from Wallen. Some examples of his more upbeat songs in this album are “Cowgirls,” “Last Night,” and “Thinkin Bout Me,” and some of the slower songs are “Man Made a Bar,” “Devil Don’t Know,” and “Keith Whitley.” 

This album features some of Morgan Wallen’s friends such as Eric Church, HARDY, and ERNEST. Church, featured in “Man Made a Bar,” has helped Wallen write songs in the past, including “Sand In My Boots” and “Quittin’ Time” in his 2021 album “Dangerous: The Double Album” and “Whiskey Glasses” in his 2018 album “If I Know Me.” HARDY and ERNEST have also helped him write songs and are featured in many of Wallen’s songs. In this album, HARDY is featured in “In The Bible” and ERNEST in “Cowgirls.” 

Overall, this album gives a country musical variety. Wallen is showing that he is taking blame for his past mistakes and is maturing. It is also strange to see a 36-song album from any artist. That said, the lyrics are well thought out and creative. He did an excellent job on this album.