BVU alumni works with Braley Campaign



Kiley Wellendorf | News Co-Editor

“Things that don’t seem big at the time you look back and you realize just how critical they were to where you are today.”

Lauren Whitt, a 2013 Buena Vista University (BVU) grad, is currently working alongside the Bruce Braley Campaign. Whitt works as a regional financial assistant for Northwestern Iowa and focuses primarily on reaching out to supports and donors for the 2014 campaign. Although politics didn’t interest her immediately, her commitment to service and working with others first began once she joined on-campus groups and associations at BVU.

“I was vice president of AWOL while I was at BVU, and that’s really where my interest in public service and my interest in giving back really caught fire. I never realized how passionate I was about talking with people and learning their story, and just trying to figure out whatever way I could help them. I really enjoyed all the service work I did while I was at BVU, and being vice president of AWOL was by far my favorite experience while I was there.”

Along with AWOL, Whitt was involved with Student Senate for three years, Mock Trial, The Tack, Student Move, and also a residential advisor (RA) on campus. Additionally to being involved on campus, Whitt also pushed through three internships. During her senior year, Whitt also spent her last semester interning at the White House in Washington D.C.

“The access that I had during that internship was just a once in a life time kind of opportunity, but the other thing about that internship apart from working at the White House was that I was on my own in a city that I had never been, and that part of it was an eye-opening experience as well.

While interning at D.C., Whitt made the decision to reach out to a fellow Iowan who served as an attorney with the White House Counsel because she was interested in talking with him about law school in Iowa. Not only did Whitt talk with him about law, but she was able to make a connection to the Braley campaign because of his involvement.

“I think it’s important for people to stay in tune to politics because those are the people that are representing you. You should be aware of who’s running and what they stand for because they are the people that are affecting the legislation and the laws that we have to follow.”

Whitt’s journey with the Braley campaign will continue leading up into election day on Nov. 4th, 2014.

Graphic by Kyle Shade