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Office of Career and Personal Development revamped for a new year


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Madeleine McCormick | Contributing Writer

The Office of Career Services at Buena Vista University (BVU) has a new location, look, and outlook on their purpose on campus. Previously located between Student Affairs and the Geisinger Student Leadership Center (GSLC), the new office can now be found across from the Information Desk and the Lehnus Campus Bookstore. The relocation and remodel not only affected the office space but the platform of their program as well.

In the previous years, Career Services has been focused on helping upperclass students create a plan for themselves when the time came to leave BVU. This year, with the help of Jeff Stocco, Director of Career and Personal Development, and his staff, the newly named department, Career and Personal Development, has refocused its efforts. The new initiative will be helping students from their first year to their last, including helping first year students to create a four-year plan and beyond. This initiative will help students decide what kinds of jobs will fit in with their intended major and also serve as a counseling service for the world outside of school. Stocco says this will encourage students within BVU’s five schools to work more closely to incorporate career development and experiential education within students’ four year plans.

“Great things are happening at BVU both inside and outside of the classroom, and there are plenty of people around campus to use as resources,” Stocco said.

One of Stocco’s goals is to increase traffic in his office among first and second year students with the new location and programming.

“One of the more important things to keep in mind is job shadowing and career exploration in terms of [the students’] future career and education,” Stocco said.

Stocco believes these things are most important with first and second year students.

This new initiative is just the beginning of the changes going on at BVU in terms of personal and career development. Many other departments are working together to help students with their decisions about their future. Stocco encourages students to meet with their professors as well as with the Career and Personal Development staff to develop their plans for the future.

“Get started early; don’t wait until you’re a senior,” Stocco said.

Many people at BVU are deeply invested in the success of the students, and Stocco says it isn’t only the responsibility of Career and Personal Development to encourage career planning. A collective and positive change is coming to BVU and with this kick start. Stocco hopes the change will be fast and satisfying for the BVU community.

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Office of Career and Personal Development revamped for a new year