ICoRN Fall Interview Day welcomes nine students from BVU



Ashley Lemke | Assistant News Co-Editor

ICoRN’s (Iowa College Recruiting Network) first Fall Interview Day at Morningside College is next week in Sioux City, IA. The event welcomes students from all majors seeking a job or internship.

Coordinating the event for BVU students is Employer Relations Coordinator Emily Gallagher in the Career and Personal Development office at Buena Vista University (BVU).

“ICoRN is a cooperative recruiting service representing six independent colleges and universities across Iowa. This recruiting service does not just include Iowa, but recruits students from all over,” Gallagher said.

The process to attend ICoRN is similar to the job process, so students can get a real sense of what to expect in the professional world. Students are asked to submit a resume, view position descriptions, and speak with potential employers.

“Students register with ICoRN, then they are forwarded a list of employers attending the sent and the list of jobs or internships available. From there, the students will look at the employers, job and internship descriptions and decide which positions to apply for. The students upload their resumes online, then ICoRN goes through the student resumes and they allow the potential employers to decide whom they want to interview,” Gallagher said. “What makes this event really valuable is that students have the opportunity for multiple interview with numerous employers in one location.”

Positions available:
Actuarial Assistant
Operations Management Intern
Applications Programmer
Financial Advisor
Assistant Manger
Executive Team Leader
Sales Management Trainee
Mortgage Consultant
Program Management Trainee
Liability Adjuster
Project Engineer
and MORE
Employers to attend the event:
Minneapolis Financial
College Possible
Great West Casualty
Wells Enterprises, Inc
Thrivent Financial
Beef Products, Inc
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Hy-Vee, Inc
and MORE

Suggested career paths:
Grant Writing
Data Management
Information Technology

The deadline to sign up for the fall event has closed, but there will be a similar event in the spring that students are encouraged to sign-up for.

“Even though the registration period for this event has passed, there will be a Spring Interview Day. Keep an eye out for announcements in BVU news and feel free to email me at: [email protected],” Gallagher said.

A handful of students from BVU are attending the fall event, and Gallagher hopes they will spread the word about the benefits of the event to their peers.

“There are nine students signed up to participate from BVU in this event. It’s a new event so hopefully the students that go will enjoy it and pass on how great it is to others,” Gallagher said.

Each event will change according to what opportunities are presented this fall. Gallagher said that the event will be different every time, which will further encourage students to sign-up and attend.

“Keep in mind that the employers attending, suggested career paths, and job or internship opportunities change with each event. If you don’t see something that interests you with one event, check back with the next one because they change each time,” Gallagher said.