BVU students present at annual Scholars Day



Aaron Nicolaisen | Staff Writer

Every year Buena Vista University (BVU) hosts an annual event, widely known as Scholars Day, to show tribute towards many dedicated students’ research and projects.

This year 66 students registered to participate in the Scholars Day event and share their unique and informative research with professors, other students, and public attendees.

Students present their findings in a well-developed group or individual oral presentation, by displaying professional posters, or even in some cases showing off original artwork.

Unfortunately, fewer BVU students actually participated this year compared to the previous Scholars Day. During last year’s event, 89 students were registered to present their findings compared to 66 students this current year. However, attendance of students, professors, and the public drastically increased this year allowing students to inform and educate even more people and show off their hard work.

In terms of events, many viewers attended a variety of verbal presentations. In most verbal presentations, it was reported that around 30 people listened in on what students had discovered.

Dr. Steven Mills, chair of the events committee stated, “The objective is to give the students a venue to show and teach others about original research, validating their projects and making it valuable for more than just a classroom grade.”

Scholars Day also allows students to connect with those who have similar interests in their certain disciplines or research topics of choice. Not only is the day special and beneficial to those presenting, it gives the attendees a time to learn about a controversial subject, view an artist’s artwork, or listen to a student’s findings.

Faculty sponsors assist students in the preparation aspect of their research and presentations during the Scholars Day events. A wide variety of disciplines and areas of study are included and students of all majors are encouraged to participate.

In the past many presentations have focused on graphic design, digital media, computer science, literature, business, art, and several others.

“Everyone is welcome to submit and participate,” Mills said.

If a student is interested in participating in upcoming Scholars Day events there are certain steps that must be taken. In order to present a student must work with a faculty sponsor and conduct their own research.

On occasion the projects displayed during Scholars Day were created for a specific class or an honors research project. However, it is not a requirement for the project to be associated with a class or other presentation.

After a student believes his or her project is complete and ready for display, the student must submit an online form to be accepted to present at the annual Buena Vista University Scholars Day event.

When asked if participating in Scholars Day is beneficial to students, Professor Mills answered, “Absolutely.”

“They put so much into their research; time, effort, resources, and it becomes a part of them. When they get up in front of others they feel like they are exposing an intimate part of their intellectual self,” Mills said.

During each of the unique presentations, students are given the opportunity to spread their research, findings, and knowledge with others who are interested.

Photo courtesy of University Marketing & Communications