Tuition increase announced

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Tuition increase announced

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Madeleine McCormick | News Editor

The Buena Vista University (BVU) Office of the President announced a 2% tuition increase for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Currently students are paying $41,514, but the increase will make it $42,344, and for those living in the suites $42,444.

According to an information release from the Office of the President, tuition will increase $830 and there will continue to be an extra $100 added to room and board for those living in the suites.

According to Director of University Marketing and Communications Jennifer Felton, tuition costs cover a multitude of things including utilities, insurance, equipment, compliance and legal fees among others.

“Setting the tuition is a delicate balance between maintaining affordability and generating enough income to provide for, primarily, the academic resources necessary to deliver a superior education and outstanding opportunities for our students,” Felton said. “While we never celebrate the need to raise the cost of attendance, we are proud to have kept out annual increases at a level that is well below the average of our private peers.”

Buena Vista University has had three increases in the past three years. The following are average increases of other private institutions in Iowa compared to BVU over the past three years:

  • In 2014-15 the average was 3.84% with BVU at 3.25%
  • In 2015-16 the average was 3.19% with BVU at 3.00%
  • In 2016-17 the average was 3.84% with BVU at 3.25%

Not all schools factor tuition increases in the same manner. While BVU takes into account utilities, insurance, equipment, compliance and legal fees, etc; some schools refer to single selections only such as room and board, or tuition.

Felton says according to national data, the average net price of tuition at BVU is the lowest in the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, and compares positively among other Iowa private colleges.

The press release also told students BVU has one of the lowest tuition increase rates in the state of Iowa, and, in the release, President Fred Moore calls upon “generous financial aid” to help students who struggle with payments.

“Every family has a unique financial situation, thus these matters should and will be handled privately. In many cases, potential annual increases in the Pell Grant, Iowa Tuition Grant and federal student loan programs help absorb increases in costs. Similarly, BV spends in excess of $14 million annually in university scholarships and need-based grants,” Felton said.

Students were able to begin filing for financial aid for the upcoming academic year on Oct. 1.

Those concerned with the increase are advised to speak with Vice President for Enrollment Mike Frantz, [email protected]

“While we cannot promise additional university aid, every attempt will be made to keep BV affordable to our students,” Felton said.

Photo by Justice Gage