Forum Renovation Phase II

A Modern Space for Studying

Hannah Perry, Arts & Life Editor

In 2018, the BVU community saw changes to the Serve, mailroom, and Cru5h with Phase I of the forum renovation. This month marked the near completion of Phase II, which was proposed two years ago. The project was funded by monetary gifts from benefactors, the largest being $1.5 million dollars. The second phase of the renovation has 

brought several cosmetic and functional changes to the library and surrounding areas including 2Fix and the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE). 

The library has been reformed to encompass all the departments impacted by the renovation. In the locations where bookshelves once stood are now several flexible seating options including booths, high-top tables, and rocking chairs with footrests. The books can now be found near the stairs and on the second floor. Going up one more flight of stairs takes students to two new classrooms. For those who have seen decades worth of transformation to the area such as Library Director Jodie Morin, the modern redesign is momentous.  

 “This renovation project was completely different because now so much is available electronically and a lot of our print resources are duplicated electronically,” Morin said. “It had to be approached with a very different mindset.” 

The CAE, which previously resided in a smaller room across the hall, has a share of the now open space in the library. Eventually, there will be a new addition of a sensory room for those who have anxiety, are on the spectrum, or just having a bad day.As a place to decompress, it will be equipped with a recliner, rocking chair, low lighting, gadget toys, weighted blankets, and the option of music. Currently, there are several areas near the CAE offices for students to study, but tutors and staff have noticed that not every seat is filled due to the current circumstances brought on by COVID-19.  

“So far, I think it’s been steady, but not the influx that we would’ve seen without the pandemic,” Administrative Assistant Theresa Melohn said. “I think students are wanting to study in their rooms because they can have their masks off, and I don’t blame them for that at all.”  

The most recent addition to the refurbished area was 2Fix, which moved in
on Monday. It is the first department students are met with upon entering the library and is easily distinguishable by its purple color scheme. Those who work at the technology repair center perform all the same services as before but now have more room to complete their daily tasks. 

“It’s a bigger space, which is really nice,” senior Kelsey McConnaughy said. “That way we can maintain social distancing and have more places to work on fixing the computers, having people be on the phones, and assisting people that come to the front desk. It’s good having dedicated areas for that.” 

Those who want to take advantage of the endless resources provided by the CAE, library, and 2Fix can visit Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 9 PM, Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday from 1 PM to 9 PM.