To the stressed student:



To the stressed out student:

Library-Carpet-LogoHey. It’s finals week. I know you’re stressing out. But you know what? It’s going to be okay.

I understand how you feel! Worried about your exams. Nervous for your presentations. Anxious for this semester to be over. It’s perfectly normal.

Here’s the thing about BVU. We’re a family here. Small campus, close friendships, helpful professors and faculty. Don’t worry about being alone because trust me, you’re not.

Study! Eat! Take breaks! Get sleep! Most of all do your best because it will be worth it in the end. Use BVU’s recourses to your full advantage! Use the CAE. Ask your professors for help. Get a study group together. As students, we’re honestly all in this together. I apologize for the High School Musical tune that is now stuck in your head, but I mean it.

I want to challenge you. I know you’re thinking you don’t have time for this, but this will help!

Gather a group of friends. Friends that are in the same classes as you. Friends that support you and will help you stay focused not friends that will distract you from your work. Get this group of friends together and study! Wander into the library. It’s such a wonderful place to get some quiet study sessions in.
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Here’s a bonus. When you’re taking a break (which you should every once in a while) snap a photo of your study session. Whether you’re by yourself or with a friend or two. After you take the picture upload it to Instagram, tag @bvustudies and hashtag #bvustudies to show your fellow students that we’re all in this together! If anything, it sends out some good vibes and encouragement to others by posting a little photo of your study session.

Of course, please remember to be respectful to those studying around you and to the librarians while you take these photos.

Have a wonderful week full of studies! Happy Finals!

Logo by Skyler Gorsett
Photos by Dee Friesen