Why you should vote for: Donald Trump



Olivia Wieseler | Staff Writer

I am just going to come right out and say it.  Vote Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.  Now, before you all start thinking this is going to be one of those unreasonable, violently passionate, Trump-supporting articles, stick with me for a bit.  I am not saying Trump would be the greatest president of all time, but I don’t think people give him much credit.  Everyone is too busy worrying about the bad things Donald Trump has done that they forget to look at the good things he would do as president.  Donald Trump has a business background, will bring the change America needs, knows where he stands on key issues, and above all else, is not Hillary Clinton.

An important aspect about Trump is his business background.  According to Donald Trump’s biography on biography.com, he began his journey in this expertise by working for his father’s real estate company during and after college.  He began to expand the company, get involved in larger building projects, and got his foot in the door with a lot of influential people and high-profit opportunities.  He began to dabble in commercial real estate, and the rest is history.  Trump created an empire that started out as a small family company and grew to spread across America.  While all of this is great, many people would like to bring up the fact that Trump has gone bankrupt multiple times.  However, didn’t he get himself out of that situation every time?  And he didn’t just overcome it; he went right back to the top.  Who says he won’t do that for America?  In his article “Businessman in Chief,” Andrew Soergel stated, “He says he knows budgets, knows debt, knows how to create jobs.”  Trump has the experience in failure and success, both of which will help in running something as large and important as a national government.  Donald Trump may just bring the fresh eyes that we need to the presidency.

This brings me to my next point.  Donald Trump will bring the change America needs to continue to grow and prosper as a nation.  We’ve had quite a few politicians in office the past few terms; it is about time we get a new perspective.  Trump is focused on building up our nation and its economy, rather than worrying about all the other nations of the world.  Yes, it is important to make the world a better and safer place to live in, but we should start with our own country before getting involved in the affairs of everyone else.  Trump is concerned about the safety and well-being of our country and rightly so.  We continue to let illegal immigration to ensue and do not put much of a stop to terrorist organizations like ISIS.  Of course, Trump has said many radical things regarding these issues, including making Mexico pay for a wall along our shared border and “bombing the s***” out of terrorist organizations.  However, something has to be done about these issues, and Trump is the one willing to make it happen.

Trump has a lot of faith in America and its people.  That is why he wants to take the measures needed to ensure their safety and well-being.  He wants to bring back jobs to Americans that had been given to cheaper labor outside of the country.  He wants to control the illegal immigration and protect those who have immigrated to America lawfully.  He wants to make sure that the American people are safe from possible terrorist threats.  Trump is looking out for the American people, the people who should be the focus of the president.  He believes in America’s greatness and wants to continue its growth and safety without compromising important values.

Now, you might think that Trump has important values.  You might think he only values money, fame, and women (as objects).  While Trump has said some controversial things, he is more interested in the well-being of our nation; he is more interested in “making America great again.”  And one major way he shows it is in what he stands for.  Yes, Donald Trump has said many things that make you wonder if he really has Americans’ interest at heart (he doesn’t mind that he has offended many people), but at least he has the guts to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes in.  He tells it like it is; he doesn’t sugarcoat anything and try to please everyone like so many politicians do nowadays.  Take a look at the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.  She has manipulated her words to many people in order to get as many people as she can on her side.  It is hard to tell where she actually stands.  She once said at a rally that she would put a bunch of coal miners and companies out of business, and then said to the coal miners that what she meant was that at the rate they were going, they would continue to lose jobs.  Is she on the environmentalists’ side or the coal miners?  Is she going to put them out of business or create more jobs?  Trump may not have the best way with words, but at least he is honest and has a firm stance in his arguments.

This brings me to my final point.  No matter how awful people may think Donald Trump is, he is nowhere near as bad as Hillary Clinton.  We already saw that Clinton is controversial in her own beliefs.  What is even worse is the controversy of her actions.  Now people may say “What about Trump?  He has said some pretty controversial and even offensive words.  Don’t you think that is pretty bad as well?”  Yes, Trump has said some controversial things.  However, while they might not have been very nice, they were just words, and I think Clinton’s actions speak a lot louder than Trump’s words.  Clinton used her private email during her time as Secretary of State, making it much easier to hide something if deemed “personal.”  She covered up her husband’s sexual scandals while president and suppressed the women who tried to speak out about it.  Worst of all, she has advocated for the change in cultural and religious beliefs, basically stating that these beliefs need to conform to whatever decisions the government, i.e. Clinton (if she becomes president), makes.  She stated in a 2015 speech, “…deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” This statement makes me, and I’m sure many others, nervous about her ambitions to change the meaning of many freedoms in the Bill of Rights.  Hillary Clinton’s lies, deceitful behavior, and ideas for change are not what this country needs.

Trump, although very brash in his nature, at least is honest and open about how he feels and where he stands.  He believes in the hard-fought freedom established by our forefathers.  He is willing to be upfront and frank about his views and the state of our nation.  He is not worried about how people view him or if he offends anybody.  He is worried about making the right decisions for our country and its people.  That is what sets Trump apart from Clinton and makes him the best choice for the 2016 election.

Photo by Dee Friesen

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