My favorite Mitt Romney


Tyler Reed | Staff Writer

Of all the Mitt Romney’s I’ve seen, the one America saw at the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado, was my favorite. As in the past, Mitt Romney, while more presidential looking, still couldn’t refrain from flip-flopping. Alas, it appears there is more merry-go-rounds to come on the path to The White House.

For starters, since when has Governor Romney been an advocate for the middle class? Since when has he stopped advocating for tax advantages to the wealthiest Americans who are currently benefiting from the Bush tax cuts?

There is Governor Romney’s revolving “personal responsibility” standard. Can I have it in a definition please? Suddenly it’s ok for government to take care of certain people. What happened to the “stand on your own two feet” kind of Romney? I think I just heard you say we as a people, must take care of one another! Governor Romney, is that you? Who is to care for those in our nation who struggle? Governor, if elected, which version of you are we going to bare witness to for four years?

Where’s the beef, Mitt? I hear “I want to” and the occasional “I will”, but where’s the beef? Where are the facts? Where are the signs of your intent? “Talk is cheap, but whiskey costs money,” a wise man once told me. I have heard enough talk. The debate moderator heard more than plenty of talk. Mitt, you have had your opportunity to waffle, to reinvent yourself, talk your leg off, and to dodge subjects. Let’s put all the cards on the table.