Who’s Who in Beaver Sports: Devin Wagenman


Emily Kenny

Senior Captain Devin Wagenman

Ella Wiebusch, Assistant Sports Editor

Many of the athletes at Buena Vista University (BVU)  have been playing sports since they were very young. They have always identified as athletes, and athletic programming is at the forefront of their decision making process when looking at universities.

Devin Wagenman is a senior Biology major from West Fargo, ND. He has always identified baseball as his sport, and plays center field for the Buena Vista University (BVU) Men’s Baseball Team.

Wagenman began his journey around age 6, and because of the influence of his friends, he continues to play passionately, almost 16 years later.

“I had a natural comfort on the field and it was the one sport I wanted to be playing even when I was in other sports,” said Wagenman.

Despite the near 6-hour drvie from home, he found it was an easy decision to come to BVU.

“One thing that really influenced my decision to come to BV was the reputation BV had up in North Dakota. I realized that if BV has that good of a reputation so far away, that it must be a great college,” said Wagenman. “Plus, on my visit, I really liked the outlook Coach Eddie had for his team and players.”

Wagenman is a team captain, and he feels that BVU Baseball has helped him grow in multiple aspects of life. Along with that responsibility, Wagenman is looking forward to making the most of his last season as a Beaver.

“The thing I look forward to the most is showing the younger guys what it means to be a BV baseball player and show them how to be successful on and off the field,” said Wagenman.

Head Coach Steve Eddie believes Devin has even more potential to fulfill his leadership role, and he looks forward to watching that happen throughout the rest of the season.

“I am looking forward to [Wagenman] taking more of a leadership role with this team. He has done a nice job of that throughout the fall and winter season. But we will rely on him figuring out the balance between leading and taking care of himself,” Eddie said.

As a team, the obvious goal is to win the conference tournament, and Wagenman hopes that along the way the team is successful in developing the younger players. Individually, Wagenman aims to be a good role model for the freshman and show them what it takes to be a true BVU baseball player.

Along with holding individual goals for himself, Coach Eddie is looking forward to what he can bring to the team this year and is expecting a lot from his senior player, praising Wagenman for his well-roundedness and ability to be strong both defensively and offensively.

“Our team needs Devin to do what he is capable of doing, and to not try to carry the team on his shoulders,” said Eddie.

As Wagenman reflects back on his career here at BVU, his mind jumps back to his freshman year. Playing in his first spring game, in Arizona of all places, he felt it was an amazing experience to be put into such an important role as a freshman.

“If I could tell my freshman self something coming in, it would be to trust the coaches and the process. It will all play out in the end,” said Wagenman.

Through growth and development, avoiding remaining content with his current abilities, Wagenman continued to work hard. Despite earning a starting spot, he excelled both in sports and academics, according to Eddie.

“I will miss how open he has been about everything he has experienced at BV. We have had some great conversations,” said Eddie.

Wagenman is glad for the opportunity to be a Beaver and be a part of such a fun team.

“It’s cool just how easily you are accepted into the team right when you join the program. You never feel like an outsider when you’re on the team,” said Wagenman.