Track coach prepares to “jump” into a new role

BVU Assistant Track & Field Coach David Hodge

BVU Assistant Track & Field Coach David Hodge

Ella Wiebusch, Assistant Sports Editor

Assistant Buena Vista University Track and Field Coach David Hodge is “jumping” into a new role in the fall of 2018.

“I’ve always liked teaching. It’s something I’ve done for a few years, and honestly it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love coaching, but I think I love teaching maybe a little bit more,” said Hodge. “All of the pieces fell into place. I love being in front of a class and everything being a professor entails.”

Hodge considered himself lucky to be a coach. His first job after completing his Master’s degree happened to include coaching.

Hodge had no connections, but served as both a coach and Director of Recreation at Hampton College in VA. Although a shot in the dark, Hodge said he was able to gain valuable experience.

“I think one of my best qualities is relating to kids. I know how to interact with and motivate them. Teaching, I’ve found, isn’t always about content and being the smartest person of all time. It’s making sure students get the most out of what they accomplish, whether it’s on the track or in the classroom,” said Hodge.

Head Track and Field Coach Colt Slack brought Hodge to BVU. Longtime friends and colleagues, the two have worked together since 2016. Slack agrees that motivation is Hodge’s top quality.

“Coach Hodge has had a very positive impact on this program. He is well liked among the team and has brought in top quality talent. Most of all, he knows how to motivate student-athletes,” Slack said.

Sophomore athlete Allyssa Ertz expressed the team’s sadness about  Hodge’s departure as a coach.

“We are all very happy he is getting to pursue his dreams, but we will miss hearing his jokes and seeing him at practice every day,” she said.

After coaching four All-Conference jumpers in two years, Hodge will now motivate sports business students to success. BVU Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Scott Anderson notes the value of Hodge’s enthusiasm and ability to put students first in a growing program.

“We’re looking forward to big things happening in the coming years. He’ll be excited to be here and we’re excited to have him,” Anderson said.

Photo courtesy BVU Athletics